I'm a Unity and GameMaker Studio 2 developer with 2+ years experience making games (C#, GML) specialized in 2D indie projects with rogue-like mechanics. I've published 2 commercial Steam games as an indie dev and I've been programming since 2015 with a web development background. (JS / TS, Java, PHP)

Contact: thomas [at] thomasgervraud.com

Potato Tactics

Relevant details

  • Tools used: Unity3D / C# .NET / Visual Studio / NUnit / Git / Krita
  • Tactical turn-based rogue-like game
  • Grid navigation implemented using Dijkstra's algorithm
  • Basic Utility AI that chooses its next destination by attributing a score to each reachable tile using factors such as the distance from the nearest player unit and the range of their weapon
  • Line of sight functionality for the weapons implemented using Bresenham's algorithm
  • State Machine pattern used to activate the right tiles depending on the current action being computed (attacking, moving etc.)

Space Gladiators

Relevant details

  • Tools used: GameMaker Studio 2 / TexturePacker / Git / Tilesetter / Trello / Krita
  • 2D action roguelite platformer heavily focused on game feel and juice with tons of contents (600+ rooms, 350+ items)
  • Managed and interacted with a community of players during more than 15 months of Early Access through a Discord server and spent a lot of time implementing their feedback into the game
  • Implemented some texture page optimization by preloading and flushing them at appropriate times to avoid in-game lag spikes
  • Published the game on Steam and added achievements, trading cards and localization in 9 languages
  • 2000+ copies sold with a 97% positive review score

Lost Potato

Relevant details

  • Tools used: GameMaker Studio 2 / TexturePacker / Git / Krita
  • Top-down roguelite shooter game made as an exercise in rapid prototyping and project completion
  • Took 6 weeks to make from conception to commercial Steam release (including 4 weeks of active development)
  • 900+ copies sold with a 97% positive review score

Basic Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer game screenshot

Relevant details

  • Tools used: Java sockets & threads / jUnit /¬†Mockito /¬†GameMaker Studio 2 /¬†Maven
  • Small project made to learn the basic structure and challenges of multiplayer games
  • Using TCP sockets and threads to handle connections & movement requests in a Java server
  • Client made using GameMaker Studio 2