3 Gamedev Ideas (October 14, 2019)


It’s been a pretty busy last few days preparing the early access launch of my game Space Gladiators

I’ve set the release date to October 22th and I hope it’ll be ready by then! I’ll share more about that with you in a future article.

Anyhow, let’s get into this week’s ideas!

3 Gamedev Ideas


The majority of people play games in casual or easy mode. 

When you only offer difficult options to play your game, you’re cutting yourself off from a large portion of potentially interested gamers.

If we look at Xcom 2 statistics, we see that 87% of players finished the game on easy or normal difficulty. 

Most of them probably would never have completed the game if those options didn’t exist.


Do the hard parts of your work when you’re feeling motivated and energized. 

Do the easy and exciting parts when you’re having a rough day.


You should get other people to play your game as soon as you can. 

Some things seem obvious to you but are not for other people. 

Some of your ideas suck but you won’t know which ones until you watch someone else play.

Your game will improve exponentially faster with external player feedback.

So release an early demo, send it to your coworkers, make it early access. No one is going to steal your idea.

Until next week,

Thomas Gervraud,
Developer of Space Gladiators: Escaping Tartarus