3 Gamedev Ideas (March 2, 2020)


Here are this week’s ideas!

3 Gamedev Ideas


If you’re a solodev, be careful about which expectations you set for yourself.

You’ll be competing with games made by dozens of people. 

Even if you consider only very small teams of 2 or 3 devs, it still means that you’ll theoretically have to spend twice or thrice the time to make the same thing.

For example, Scourgebringer. Very small scope, but as far as I know it was made by 2 devs full time during 2 years.

So you should be prepared to spend 3-4 years to develop something of a similar quality. Even worse if you’re doing it in your free time. 

And that’s not even considering that they’re experienced devs who already released a game in the same genre before.


The more you win, the easier it becomes to win.

When you are unknown, you have to fight to get eyes on your games.

But once you get a track record of successes, people will want to give you their attention and money.

Platforms will feature you more. Big YouTubers will try out your games.

Just a thought, but how many copies do you think The Legend of Bumbo would have sold if it was made by a random anonymous developer?

My guess would be way less. Like atleast 90% less.


There are way more indie games being developed right at this moment than you probably think.

You just don’t hear about them.

Until next week,

Thomas Gervraud,
Developer of Space Gladiators: Escaping Tartarus