Lost Potato releases in 4 days

We’re finally here! Lost Potato is set to release 4 days from now!

You’ve seen me make this game from scratch a few weeks earlier.

You know everything about it, including:

  • What steps I took to get there. 
  • How much it cost me.
  • How long it took to make.
  • And how many copies it needs to sell to be profitable.

This Friday, we’re finally going to know whether this was a worthwhile investment or not.

I’m currently taking care of the last things that need to be done before the launch.


  • Closing the beta program and fixing some minor last minute issues.
  • Sending keys to press and influencers.
  • Preparing the social media posts and announcements.
  • Announcing the release date on Twitter, Discord and Steam.
  • Finishing Space Gladiators’ update that needs to go live at the same time as Lost Potato. (yeah, it’s still not done. Stressful!)

Of course, I’ll share all the numbers with you once it’s done.

Also: please wishlist the game and consider getting it at launch if you think it might be your cup of tea. 

If you’ve been reading these emails for a while, you know how important it is to get Steam’s attention right away.

Regardless of the outcome…

…I hope you can take something out of this experiment and apply it to your own game projects.

See you on Friday!