thomas-gervraudHello! My name is Thomas.

I finished my studies in late 2018 and I’m now an indie game developer.

I’m sharing my journey and my projects on this website.

What can you expect?

I made a first game for learning purposes (which you can find here) and I’m now working on my first commercial game. It’s called Space Gladiators – Escaping Tartarus¬†and you can find it on Steam.

I am sharing everything I learn in my weekly newsletter. I also sometimes publish articles directly on this website.

What tools am I using?

I am using Game Maker Studio 2 for the game itself and Krita for creating the graphic assets. I also use TexturePacker to create spritesheets.

What’s my background?

I studied computer science at university and I worked as a web developer for a few years. I have zero experience with music production, sound design, animation or drawing.

I have made a few simple games in the past (clones of pong, snake etc in pure JavaScript amongst others) but I have never finished a “real” game before.